Studio J
2800 28th Street, Ste. 171
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Photo: Linda Jassim
I hired Linda to write a news campaign for me. My experience working with her for the first time was as if I had been working with her for years. She got it right out of the starting gate, she knew what to say and how to say it with a level of excitement and professionalism.

Michaels Folonis, FAIA, Principal
Michael Folonis Architects

Studio J guides clients’ direction and works closely with each firm to expand their horizons and current market opportunities by creating a clear and specific roadmap. Studio J uses various strategies in e-marketing, media positioning and proposal development to create a strong presence for clients’ work. The firm specializes in architecture, landscape architecture and the construction fields.


Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio, Inc.
Nancy Power & Associates
Michael W. Folonis Architects
Minardos Group
Katherine Spitz & Associates, Inc.
Duvivier Architects
Santa Monica Symphony Association
Christine Burrill Photography
The Fogarty Group